Nature, by H.D. Carberry

We have neither Summer nor Winter
Neither Autumn nor Spring.
We have instead the days
When the gold sun shines on the lush green canefields-
The days when the rain beats like bullets on the roofs
And there is no sound but the swish of water in the gullies
And trees struggling in the high Jamaica winds.
Also there are the days when leaves fade from off guango trees
And the reaped canefields lie bare and fallow to the sun.
But best of all there are the days when the mango and the logwood blossom
When the bushes are full of the sound of bees and the scent of honey,
When the tall grass sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air,
When the buttercups have paved the earth with yellow stars
And beauty comes suddenly and the rains have gone.

I am not really in a mood of reviewing, especially this poem… have some thoughts bout this poem that I wanna share, maybe in few days time… ok? Thanks for visiting.


3 thoughts on “Nature, by H.D. Carberry

  1. Then again, all that is nothing compared to the bestest time.Getting high on Jamaican gold.Watching smoke hang lazily in the air.Laying back as the room spins without care.Everybody loves da ganja.You feel?

  2. Looking forward to your review of this one. Really great that you are taking the trouble to study the texts first before school starts next year. I dare say some 90% of the teachers are not bothered. Just bluff their way through – using plagiarise activities from samples of books that they get from the shops! Keep up the spirit and the good work!!P.S. Wonder if ahkamkoko has gone through the texts for the lower secondary classes already or not! Hahahahahahaha!

  3. I'm waiting for a copy to arrive at my school.I cant believe that it has not arrived until now!Since we have got to use it next year, shouldn't it arrive at least after the May holidays so that teachers can prepare?

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