Another Adventurous Journey to Sandakan City

Remember my exciting journey to Sandakan last year where I have to ride in the bucket of a 4WD cabs? This year, I have just enjoyed another journey of a lifetime. As usual we depart early in the morning from Tongod… at about 5 a.m. The journey was smooth as expected during the first couple of hours. Suddenly, about 20 miles away from Sandakan town, traffic got very slow and we were curious. Because of the rainy season, we thought that there’s a flood ahead because we heard people saying “jalan putus”, so we just continued our journey to find out what had really happened. To our amazement, this is what we saw:
The road was literally “putus”, splitted into two and was connected only by what was remained of a fetilizer lorry. We have only one choice to get to the city. We have to walk across the back of the lorry to get to the other side of the road. So that was exactly what we did. And funny thing bout it was the fact that two of my colleagues we wearing high heels yet they braved it out and walked on “the thin ice”. It was also eerily funny when I climbed onto the lorry and suddenly the lorry moved downward and make a small thumping sound. At that moment, I was scared, embarrassed and also laughing at my “prosperous” physics. I managed to walked through the crowd nonchalantly and made it to the other side of the world.
The journey has not ended. We then have to walk on foot for about half a mile, under the drizzling rain, to find a bus to Sandakan. We were about to gave up when a good samaritan offered us a lift to the city. We made it in the end. But the end is just the beginning of another story. My briefing was postponed during the last minute. I’ll write bout it soon! That’s all for now, Thank you for reading.


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