Good News, not great… but a good kickstart.

So, what’s the good news? Hehehe, just talked to the Secretary of PMR ’08 for my school. The percentage has risen for about 9 percent compared to previous year. It gets better; English is also one of the subjects that shows improvement. This is more like a big relief for me. Honestly, as I mentioned before in my previous journal, I think I did badly but I am thankful that my students didn’t have to pay for it. I am taking this as a second chance for me to improve myself and my teaching. I want to be able to feel proud of my students’ achievements, this is my mission this year.

As the title said, it’s not great news. There are still majority of students who failed their English paper, and here I felt that I have failed them. But I hope most will still continue to Form Four, then we’ll start anew. This might be the last entries for a while as I’m goin back into the wilderness today, in a couple of hours. Can’t promise any more entries for a while as I don’t know how’s the school’s net is behaving right now. Thanks for all the support though. Will miss the internet. Workloads and responsibilities, here I come!

p/s: one of the earlier task for ’09. Learning CS Photoshop and design the cover for Buku Tugasan Sekolah.


3 thoughts on “Good News, not great… but a good kickstart.

  1. hi Cikgu Faisal,thank God for people like you! dont give up on those kids, dear!looking forward to future blogs from you!mdm.z

  2. I like what you did with the cover…But I feel that the text, the school logo & the pictures are not given enough emphasis…The background picture is interfering with their prominence.You can solve this problem by modifying the background picture.You can convert the colours on the background picture into greyscale, sepia or anything of that sort.Then, you can blur the image, watercolour it or change it in any way that you see fit.I also think that after you have done so, you should pick a colour for the text that contrasts with the background picture's colour.Happy Editing!Do share your final work!=)

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