What about a pictorial entry?

I love writing entries but I think it would be nice to let you guys have a taste of my life in Tongod so far through pictures. So, keep scrolling and I hope you guys will be entertained.

“A little bit about the scene, we are on a mid-size suspended bridge (jambatan gantung, am I right?). This bridge connects the Lilingkuon Village (where the school buildings are) and the Purutawoi Village (where I am currently residing). The murky river is the result of heavy rain upstream but the water got clearer quite fast. Usually, after a day without rain, you’ll be able to see children diving with small spears to catch fish and prawns. It’s a pretty exciting sight!”

Three teachers posing on a bridge

“This is one of the early pictures taken of me and my colleagues. To the left is Cikgu Ahmad from Sandakan, a Geography major and currently teaching Geo, History and Malay Literature. He’s also a new teacher. To the right in Man U jersey is Cikgu Nasron, Kelantanese, a Bio-Math major,currently teaching Science and P.E and have been serving for more than 2 years in Tongod”

Leisure fishing at weekends

“Can you see how clear the water is in the picture? This side of the river is just next to my house, about 40 metres away. What are we doing? Fishing for udang galah (freshwater prawns). I was the one taking the picture though. On a good day, we can catch up to three prawns per individu in a couple of hours. This is not really a fishing spot as all the fishermen in the village went downstream to the larger river in their boats.”

Work Hazard!

This is one of the few extraordinary experience of working amidst the nature. Yeah! this is not a camera trick, I did look a lil bit like Angelina Jolie rite? The tips; go and get yourself bitten by wasp. It hurts like hell! Embarrassing, and real funny at the same time. The story, I was in school ground at that time, a wasp (didnt know it was a wasp at that time) suddenly flew onto my not so luscious lips, I acted on reflect and shoo it away with my hand and this is what I got. So much for livin in the wilderness! Haha… laugh at me!


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